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Schools Photovoltaic Programme

Educational institutions in 11 counties can apply for funding for solar panels during the initial stage of a newly launched school solar panel programme.

FULL FUNDING for a Solar PV system installation for your school.

About the Scheme!

The first phase of the Schools Photovoltaic Programme, which includes over 1,600 schools in the areas listed below, will open for applications on 30th November 2023. All schools in the first phase will be contacted by the Department and invited to apply from that date.

The intention is to include a further eight counties in phase two in Q2 2024 and the remaining eight counties in Q4 2024. It is intended that all eligible schools across the country will have the opportunity to apply to the scheme by end 2024.

The scheme will fund up to 6 kWp of roof-mounted solar PV for all eligible schools, and includes connection to the grid and a monitoring system and display screen.

The Schools Photovoltaic Programme is a devolved programme based on programme guidance prepared by the Department of Education.

Invited school Authorities will be provided with funding approval from the Department of Education to enter a contract following a competitive tender process for the provision of a solar PV system. This system will be designed, installed and commissioned by a contractor on the SEAI Non-Domestic Micro-Generator (NDMG) Company list.

Invited schools must register for the programme and receive confirmation of eligibility before seeking quotations for the works. Tendering contractors will provide quotations directly to the schools who in turn will submit these to the Department of Education for review and provision of full funding for approved costs.

Energy Management for Schools

Reduce the amount of energy used at your school and reap the benefits of lower energy bills and importantly, less CO2 emissions. Lead in the area of energy efficiency and become a role model for other schools. Connection to the grid will be included which will allow unused solar energy to feed to the energy grid when schools are closed. This will allow schools to be compensated for renewable exports to the grid.

Protech Solar PV & EV Chargers

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