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This grant will help you install Solar Photovoltaic Panels in your home to generate renewable electricity.

Learn about the grant values and how to apply.


The Solar PV Scheme which operates under the Microgeneration Support Scheme, is funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment through SEAI. All applications are subject to the following conditions:

Upon approval of the grant, the Applicant must complete the installation and submit the declaration of works within 8 months. Adherence to these timelines is crucial to ensure the grant payment. Failure to meet the deadline after 8 months will result in the expiration and rejection of the grant.


All homeowners, including private landlords.

Homes constructed and occupied before December 31, 2020.

No prior funding received for Solar PV under this MPRN.


Follow these tips to ensure a successful Solar PV grant application and to guide you through a smooth process from start to finish:

The grant, when approved, is applicable only to the specified measure, installation size, and grant amount mentioned in the Grant Offer. If you intend to increase the array size, contact the Solar PV Team before commencing the works. Arrange your Building Energy Rating (BER) immediately after solar PV installation to expedite the grant payment. Ensure the BER assessor promptly publishes the completed rating. Verify that the company performing the installation matches the one referenced in your approval letter/email. Promptly upload all required documentation after installation, ideally within 1-3 days. Check the accuracy of the bank account details entered in the portal. Bank details must belong to either your account (the applicant) or the Solar PV company’s account. Keep all invoices, receipts, and completion documents for potential presentation to SEAI personnel during a Quality Assurance inspection in the future. These may also be needed for your BER assessment. Upon completion of inspections and works, payment will be processed within 2 weeks.

Protech Solar PV & EV Chargers

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Since 2016 we have a consistent 5 STAR rating from many of our clients. Based in Enfield County Meath, with a focus on the North Leinster region we have gained immeasurable experience over the years in the installation of electric vehicle charging points for homeowners and businesses alike.

Colm from Protech was brilliant when it came to the installation of my EV charger. He was super knowledgable and friendly. The installation was quick and neat. I would highly recommend.



Very happy about how easy it was to book these in, how well the job was done and how clear the communication from Colm was regarding the job they did for me.



Colm and the lads are top men, they dug us out lately with an EV charger issue we were having. Others looked at it and failed but Colm actually sorted it. I Would highly recommend.



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